Elles sèment le monde de demain

Documentary on the issue of gender in Africa.

In the heart of the Great Lakes region, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi are two of the poorest countries in the world. They are marked by a broken democratic process and recurring violence but also by food insecurity that affects more than 70% of the population. Here, as in a very large part of Africa, agriculture is the main sector of the economy and it is women who provide the bulk of food production. Despite their vital role, it is only beginning to be valued in the interest of society as a whole, men, women and children. They Sow the World of Tomorrow draws the portrait of Générose, Christine and Germaine, three women on their way towards their emancipation.

Filmed by Yann Verbeke & Stéfanne Prijot
Edited by Yann Verbeke
Produced by Switch Asbl
Client : Entraide et Fraternité
Language : French
Shot in DR Congo & Burundi (2017)